It's me, Sue!

Hey there! My name is Sue Lopes, aka Suellen Monique Lopes Oliveira, born almost on the tropical beaches of Brazil and raised in between there and the cold mountains of Switzerland. Moving a lot forced me to have two mother tongues and out of curiosity, also learned a couple more. Creating things is what keeps me going, doesn't matter if it's a poster, desserts, clothes, Minecraft constructions... I am always creatively active, and rarely bored.​​​​​​​

Munchy aka Poopoo Baby 

Munchy started as a "Feel Good intern" at Thjnk Hamburg for a short period of time before being noticed by a bigger network that decided to add the manager to his title. He started working at the age of 2 (months) and receiving love from everyone in the agency quickly became his passion. 

Wanna chat? Meet? Drink a tequila? Pet my dog? Hit us up! 
Thank you!